UPBSN is executing this scheme in 17 districts of the state. Under this, banjar land development, rehabilitation of ponds and treatment of water logged area through proper drainage development is being undertaken. This project has a duration of 3 years (2005-06 to 2007-08).

The scheme involves following activities :

Treatment of Sodic, Wasteland, Barren and waterlogged land of selected allottees, Small and Marginal farmers under the scheme of Bhumi Sena so as to increase the productivity of their land as well as increase in Income and availability of food grain of their family
Treatment of cultivable waste land through Bhumi Sainiks to increase the area Coverage of forestry/Agricultural forestry, horticulture etc.
Remodeling of ponds for water agriculture i.e. Fishery and Singhara cultivation and also improvement in ground water level through water harvesting.
Formation of Bhumi Sena as an organized, disciplined, and active force by giving desired training as and when required; deploy this force for land and water management, water harvesting, minor irrigation, cleaning of silt, disaster management, forestry to ensure provision for minimum 100 days employment to every household in a year.
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